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Need a hands-on trusted advisor to help manage your real estate development & construction projects?

We are construction experts who help clients meet their construction project and real estate development goals. We will help you design, entitle, build, manage, coordinate, develop and complete your project on-time and under-budget.

Hedley Construction & Development Inc. provides personalized owner’s representative, construction management services and construction project management and construction expert witness services for your construction project or real estate development throughout Southern California including Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County.

For over 30 years we have worked on multiple new construction projects, building upgrades, capital improvement projects, renovations, and small to complex multi-million dollar tenant property improvements. We pride ourselves in meeting our client’s goals by using a hands-on, full-service, and full-value approach to your project requirements. This will insure on-time completion, specified quality, effective cost control, and no surprises.

Construction & Real Estate Development

TRUSTED ADVISOR — Owner's Representative

      "Our Goal Is To Make Your Project A Success"  

When you need someone you can trust to manage your construction and real estate development projects, give George Hedley a call for personal ‘hands-on’ service. We are experts at helping clients meet their construction project goals and get their projects built exactly the way they want them completed:

On-Time & Under Budget!

Do you have a trusted construction advisor or owner’s representative to get your project built right the first time?

For a limited and select group of clients, George Hedley and his experienced team are available to be your trusted advisor and provide professional construction management and real estate development consulting services. As your trusted advisor or owner’s representative, we help you build a great on-time project within your budget without the stress of dealing directly with contractors, builders, architects, the City, utility companies, complex construction issues and the real estate development process.

We take the hassle and stress out of the construction process by helping you:

     - Select or coordinate the architect & engineers
     - Select or coordinate the General Contractor
     - Select or coordinate the Subcontractors
     - Work with the City to get the required permits
     - Coordinate the Bank loan process
     - Bring your project in on-time and under budget
     - Build with the right quality at the right price
     - Build the right project

As your construction manager or owner’s representative, we can accept total responsibility or act as your trusted advisor and consultant for the success of your real estate development, construction project, renovation or tenant improvement from initial concept through completion and occupancy. We will act as your project team captain and “In-House” construction management and real estate department using our total team approach. This will allow you to run your business while we deliver exactly what you need and want. As team players, everything we do is “Open-Book” for your input, review and approval.

What We Do For You:

  • We act as your “In-House” construction dept
  • We reduce your risk
  • All decisions are ‘Open Book’ with your approval
  • We are accountable for your bottom-line
  • We work as your ‘Trusted Advisor’
  • We use our ‘Total Team Approach’


We are totally responsible for your project from start to finish:

  • Project Budget
  • Project Schedule
  • Project Communications
  • Project Controls
  • Project Scope Of Work
  • Contractor Selection
  • Contract Management
  • Reducing Total Project Costs
  • Avoiding Delays, Changes & Disputes
  • Quality Assurance

We will make your completed project become a reality.

Your project trusted advisor team captain is George Hedley with over 40 years of construction, real estate business, and engineering experience. The realization of your project goals are guaranteed by our experience and track record as professional general contractors, real estate developers, and construction managers. Hedley Construction was founded by George Hedley in 1977 and has built over 15,000,000 square feet of commercial, industrial, office, retail, medical, self storage, hotel, restaurant, commercial tenant improvements, laboratory, custom homes, and multi-family projects.

As a developer, HEDLEY has participated in the ownership, development, acquisition, planning, design, construction, and management of over 1,500,000 square feet of commercial, industrial and office projects ranging from $5,000,000 to $25,000,000 in total value. Our multi-faceted expertise combined with our development, pre-construction, and construction systems, standards and services will make your project goals become a reality.

How Can We Help Make Your Project A Success?

Our Construction & Real Estate Owner’s Representative Services Include:

Total Project Management & Real Estate Development Advisor
Our goal is to make your real estate development and construction project a success by meeting your goals in the areas of project schedule, quality, safety, and budget. We also concentrate our focus to meet your requirements in the area of future flexibility, efficient operations, energy usage, green building standards, move-in, and occupancy. We take a pro-active tough approach to getting your project done as fast and as economical as possible while keeping you fully informed of all issues and progress. As your ‘Real Estate Development Advisor’ we will:

  • Develop your overall project budget & pro-forma
  • Coordinate with lenders, loan & approval process
  • Coordinate required City, approvals and utilities
  • Coordinate with brokers, insurance & bonding
  • Assist and coordinate all due diligence & reports
  • Provide building inspections & reports


Pre-Design, Design & Pre-Construction Project Management
We can prepare an accurate preliminary cost estimate of the proposed construction; develop an overall project schedule; secure proposals from architects and engineers for your review; obtain and analyze competitive bids from qualified contractors for your approval; coordinate the design and construction team; coordinate all required city approvals and permits and review all plans and specifications as they are prepared. As your ‘Pre-Construction Advisor’ we will:

  • Select or coordinate the architect, engineers & consultants
  • Select or coordinate General Contractor & Subcontractors
  • Coordinate & review all plans & construction documents
  • Analyze all contracts, change orders, issues & challenges
  • Obtain several qualified competitive bids and proposals
  • Compare and review all bids and proposals
  • Help you choose the right project team
  • Analyze the right specified materials, products & finishes
  • Create and update the overall project schedule
  • Develop and update the overall project budget

Construction Project Management
As your construction manager, we will act as your owner’s representative and manage the  total construction and development process for you. We manage and supervise all architects, engineers, consultants and contractors to meet your project goals and requirements. We monitor and inspect construction progress to maintain the schedule, insure excellent quality and keep the project safe and clean. We attend and lead all project meetings, coordinate and review all correspondence, update the budget, review and approve or reject any changes, resolve claims and disputes, approve payments and manage the contract. As your ‘Construction Project Management Advisor’ we will:

  • Provide full service total project management
  • Attend and lead all project meetings
  • Review all invoices, documents, changes & paperwork
  • Perform ongoing jobsite quality inspections
  • Insure you get full value
  • Supervise all required Project Controls
  • Direct Project Communications
  • Provide project dispute resolution
  • Project Closeout

40 Years Of Experience = No Cost Investment!

Positive Construction Management & Real Estate Development Results!

Contact George Hedley by E-mail or call George Hedley to discuss how we can help make your project become a success.
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